Rondo are a blue grape and very similar to the Solaris in that way that they are both used to produce wines from especially in cool climates. It is a grape variety that ripens very early and is hardened against winter frost and downy mildew. It is common to cultivate Rondo in northern Europe where many classic Vitis vinifera cultivars / varieties of Vitis vinifera are difficult to mature properly, because it usually gives good color and aroma even on these cultivation sites.
   Because of the grapes variety is used generally to produce either red wine or rosé wine. Our approach is like many other wineries in Europe to produce a unique rosé wine from this grape, but with the desire to make an rosé that goes with well with food rather than just as an afternoon aperitif. Our rosé wine has a deep dark ruby olor with aromas from the soil of Skåne, such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and finally black currants.

These are the scents that go through in the taste and together this gives a very good and pleasant experience. The wine has, because of the way we manage the grape material, a lot of taste and smell, which differs from many other rosé wines. Unlike Solaris, Rondo is a hybrid grape rather than a purebred Vitis vinifera, as it has several different hybrid varieties in their pedigree. It was created in 1964 by Professor V. Kraus in Czechoslovakia by crossing varieties Zarya Severa (a hybrid of Vitis amurensis in his pedigree) and St. Laurent. He offered his creation to Dr. Helmut Becker, who worked at the German, in Geisenheim, and Becker continued to work on the grape variety. Therefore, there Rondo registered in the place of the records with a Geisenheim code, Gm 6494-5.